In Stat Given Colulmn if the # is in italics then its not at max value, just what it gives at the highest value I've seen. Bolded items means that max value is attained.

Code Fury Gem Stat Given
f01 Aquamarine +11 to Light Radius
f02 Apatite +238 to Attack Rating
f03 Alexandrite +119 Defense
f04 Aventurine +155 to Attack Rating Against Undead
f05 Garnet +107% Damage to Undead
f06 Tourmaline +65 to Maximum Stamina
f07 Spinel 40% Slower Stamina Drain
f08 Olivine 9% Increased Chance of Blocking
f09 Zirconium +11 to Mana After Each Kill
f10 Chrysoberyl Knockback
f11 Quartz +26 Defense vs. Missle
f12 Opal 16% Target Defense
f13 Turquoise Regenerate Mana 67%
f14 Moonstone +10 to Maximum Damage
f15 Pearl 17% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
f16 Amber +33 Poison Damage over 10 seconds
f17 Talc +19 Fire Damage
f18 Gypsum +11 Lightning Damage
f19 Calcite +1 Cold Damage
f20 Flourite Poison Resist +2%
f21 Orthoclase Fire Resist +1%
f22 Corundum Lightning Resist +4%
f23 Beryl Cold Resist +6%
f24 Morganite 35% Faster Run/Walk
f25 Goshenite +17 to Mana
f26 Onyx Increase Maximum Mana 16%
f27 Citrine 8% Life Stolen Per Hit
f28 Iolite Attacker Takes Damage of 6
f29 Kunzite +3 to Minimum Damage
f30 Spodumene Damage Reduced by 3
f31 Feldspar +1 to Minimum Damage, +1 to Maximum Damage
f32 Peridot 5% Increased Attack Speed
f33 Burma 10% Faster Cast
f34 Tanzanite 20% Faster Hit Recovery
f35 Zoisite 10% Faster Block Rate
f36 Jasper Hit Causes Monster to Flee 0%
f37 Alabaster +6 to Life
f38 Agate Replenish Life +1
f39 Albite - Requirements -1%  
f40 Amazonite +3 to Vitality
f41 Anhydrite +1 to Energy
f42 Apache +1 to Dexterity
f43 Apophyllite +1 to Strength
f44 Aragnite 2% Extra Gold from Monsters
f45 Axinite +1 to Attack Rating Against Demons
f46 Azurite - 1% Damage to Demons  
f47 Barite - 1% Enhanced Defense  
f48 Bismuth 1% Chance of Open Wounds
f49 Borax All Resistances +2
f50 Chrysocolla Prevent Monster Heal
f51 Chalcopyrite Magic Damage Reduced by 1
f52 Chiastolite 3% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
f53 Chrysanthemum 2% Bonus to Attack Rating
f54 Ore 1% Mana Stolen per Hit
f55 Creedite +5% Enhanced Damage
f56 Cuprite 2% Deadly Strike
f57 Danburite +2% to Maximum Poison Resist
f58 Dolomite +2% to Maximum Fire Resist
f59 Epidote +1% to Maximum Cold Resist
f60 Erythrite +2% to Maximum Lightning Resist
f61 Graphite Hit Blinds Target
f62 Fulgurites 3% Chance of Crushing Blow
f63 Marcasite Damage Reduced by 1%
f64 Galena Ignore Target's Defense
f65 Raspberry Increase Maximum Life 2%
f66 Geode - +1 Cold Absorb  
f67 Rhyolite +3 Fire Absorb
f68 Glauberite +1 Lightning Absorb
f69 Glendonite Does Nothing
f70 Halite Magic Resist +1%
f71 Kyanite +1 Magic Absorb
f72 Labradonite Freezes Target +2
f73 Limonite Cannot Be Frozen
f74 Ametrine +7 to All Skill Levels
f75 Jade Indestructible