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this site is supposed to provide information about the Diablo2 modifications "Ancestral Recall" (AR), "Eastern Sun (ES),  "The Fury Within" (TFW), Nefarius' XyRax, Zy-El and Sanctuary in Chaos (SiC), Valhalla and Chaos Empire. Most of the stuff on this site has timed out, but I don't want to remove it completely. Maybe some of you still play D2 1.09.

The information has been gathered in the ES-Thread at the amazone board at diablo2.de. The archives of the thread that was started in may, 2002, are here - archive 1 - and here  archive 2. The files are about 10 megs huge. My warmest thanks go to all the posters in this thread. It has always been a pleasure to read you. You guys rule!

Johnny's Mod 1.13 (for LoD 1.10):

Eastern Sun 3.0 (for LoD 1.10):

Chaos Empire (for LoD 1.10):

Ancestral Recall (for LoD 1.10):

Valhalla (for LoD 1.10)

The Phrozenkeep. Home of mods!


BNETD Tracker Server List - a list of all bnetd servers running worldwide!

Information on 1.09 mods:

Sanctuary in Chaos:


S 2.1:

TFW: XyRax:

Zy-El server:

ES server: Xyrax server: TFW Server:

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